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Nightmares {Titus Alexius x Reader Magi}

   You almost regret going with Sphintus into the 5th district to find Marga and Titus. When you saw Titus' charred body, you broke down, weeping, with only the Carmen heir to console you, as he was silently mourning the loss of his close friend. The image of Titus' purple earrings surrounded by ash and smoldering bones burned itself into your mind.
   Tears leaked out of you [e/c] eyes as the nightmare woke you for the, seemingly, millionth time. Stifling your urge to whimper, you tried to calm yourself down.  You turned over in your shared bed to see Titus, snoring softly, facing the other direction. Seeing him sleeping next to you was a comfort beyond words, but you still couldn't stop yourself from remembering what had happened at Magnoshutatt. You took a deep breath, climbed out of the moon-bathed bed, and left your room for the small, adjacent balcony.
   You sat down on the cushioned ou
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Love {Magi Ja'far x Reader}
    You didn't know whether he was drunk or just delirious, but you were content with his proximity to you. Ja'far was not typically one to openly express his love for you, let alone physically show his affections - especially in public. But now, as you gazed out to the sea, his strong arms kept your smaller form against his own, and his face lost itself in your neck and shoulder. Yet even then, you were bothered about how little he reassured you of his love.
    He displayed it in silent ways: he made sure you were always taken care of, and that you were always safe, and he always kept a close eye on your whereabouts and who you would talk to, and he was eternally possessive and jealous in his own quiet manner, almost going so far as to limit your ability to talk to people outside of the palace. He was always worrying about you. Worrying for your safety, fidgeting about your daily life, carefully reviewing all of your decisions. In his own paranoid, a
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Um, I'd like to ask this to anyone who's played Rune Factory 4:


Y'know when you finished chasing that Chipsqueek to get back Venti's charm? I want to know what the Chipsqueek means by 'we're all watching over her'- (or in Lest's/Frey's words: "It said... they're all watching over you.").

I'm playing this and I would really like to know who's watching over Venti.

Is it the monsters? Is it the spirits of her old friends (or the Guardians)? Is it the other Divine Dragons? Is it the Runeys?

I know that Venti isn't alone because she has all of her friends, her people with her- But I want to know (or at least someone's opinion) on who exactly said that Venti isn't alone?


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